Circulation - Consulting in the Open stack

  • Patrons: current students, instructors and faculty staffs.
  • Regulations:
    • Borrowers are eligible to borrow all circulating materials in stock except for some cases limited by Library staff.
    • Users may use up to three materials in the open stack at one time.
  • Borrowing procedures:
    • Show your own valid card, do not use card belonging to another. For students, the card will be held during the loan period.
    • Get the locker key from the Library staff and put your backpack, books, etc.  into the locker.
    • One notebook, pens or laptop (if necessary) is allowed to bring into the stack.
    • Search information on our website ( or see the instruction stuck on shelves to find the needed materials.
    • Seek and take materials by yourself from the shelf.

    * Note: Please check the materials removed from the shelves at once. If material’s damage was found, you must immediately notify the Library staff or the borrower will be responsible for such damage.

  • Returning Procedures:
    • Return materials at the reshelving trolley before getting out. Do not yourself place the materials on shelf.
    • Return locker key to the library staff after taking your property out.
    • For Violators: Sign on the penalty-ticket. The payment is finished when you show the bank’s receipt to Library staff.
    • Take back the student card (student)
  • Lockers:
    • You will be billed for the replacement cost of the lock and key of a lost, damaged or unreturned key. The fine must be paid on the same day.
    • Lockers are not a secure personal space and the Library takes no responsibility for personal belongings and valuables stored in them.
    • Lockers must be cleared and keys returned every day before closing time.

Circulation – Borrowing and renewals

  • Patrons: Current faculty staffs and instructors.
  • Lending Regulation:
    • All loans must be done at the Circulation desk.
    • Full-time teaching staffs can borrow a maximum of 10 items at any one time. Maximum duration is set in 1 year per time.
    • Part-time Instructors can borrow textbooks (not including instructors manual, media) based on the teaching schedule. Maximum duration is set in 1 semester per time.
    • Users are legally responsible for all items borrowed in their name.
    • Items on loan may be kept until the due date given on the User Library account unless Librarians recall them. For the loans recalled before due date, Library will send a notice to borrowers via e-mail address Within 03 working days after sending the recall request, borrowers must return those materials to the Library.
    • To support, 2 days before the due date and on the due date, a notification email will be sent automatically to borrowers who provided exact address to Library staff.
    • Borrowers are responsible for complete return of all borrowed materials as the course or semester end (for Instructors) or before resignation. If the borrower has difficulties in returning on due date as well as respond Library staff’s recall, borrower must inform the Library staff as soon as possible.
    • Failure to comply with regulations will be sanctioned under these regulations.
    • These regulations can be edited in some special cases and solved in specific cases.
  • Borrowing Procedures:
    • Show your own valid card. Do not use the card belonging to another.
    • Provide syllabus, titles, course names or the subject you are interested in to Library staff
    • Get and check the materials and information on borrowing form.
    • Sign for borrowing.

* Users should check the materials before leaving the counter. If some damages are found, you should notify the Library staff immediately or you will be responsible for these damages.
* Users are legally responsible for all items checked out in their name and must ensure that they wil not be damaged or lost. It is a serious offence to write in, damage, lose or refuse to return Library material. The cost of replacement for lost or damaged material will be charged to the user and other sanctions may be applied. Fines are charged automatically by the Library system. To avoid a fine, if a book is near the due date, you should bring it to the Library soon.

  • Returning Procedures:
    • Give materials to Library staff.
    • Together with Library staff to check their status.
    • For Violators: Sign on the penalty-ticket. The payment is finished when you show the bank’s receipt to Library staff or your current income at SaigonTech will be deducted.
    • Sign in thereturning form.

A book is only considered 'returned' by the Library when it has been checked in and removed from your library account. Check your personal Library account to ensure that the books have reached the Library and been checked in. It is your responsibility to notify the Library of any discrepancy.
The user should check your library account information to ensure that books have reached the Library and been checked in.  It is the responsibility of the user to notify the Library of any discrepancy.

  • Renewals:
    • Loans may be renewed 1 time by the users, if not overdue or reserved by another users.
    • The renewal can proceed directly or indirectly, via email or the Library website

When a material is on loan, a patron may reserve the item by using the 'Reserve' option in the Catalogue. The item will be kept at the Circulation Desk for the user in 2 working days when it is returned by the borrower who can no longer renew the loan. You will be notified by e-mail or you can check your account to see if the availability of your reserved materials.

Accessing the Online resources

Users: Current instructors, students and staffs.
SaigonTech members can access the Library's electronic resources from outside with your SaigonTech email account.
Electronic resources include:

  • Databases
  • E-books 
  • Virtual Reference resources
  • HCC e-library

Anyone downloading data from the public access PCs must respect current copyright regulations. Downloaded files should be saved to your belonging memories (USB, …). They may also be saved temporary to the public access PCs before leaving.


  • Users: students, instructors and staff.
  • Regulations:
    • Register to make copy at the counter. Users yourself can not take materials out of the Library to make photocopy.
    • Copy not more than 10% number of pages or 1 chapter of books; 1 article of newspaper, magazine or journal.
    • Ready your photocopy card before photocoping. A photocopy card of 50 copies costs 20.000 VND. No change is available at the Library desk.
  • Procedures:
    • Fill in copying request.
    • Give the copying request together with printing or photocopying card to library staff.
    • Receive returning form.
    • Receive the copied materials on due date.

Material purchase request

Users: SaigonTech members.

  • Check in the SaigonTech library catalogue to see if the materials is already in the library collection or not.
  • If the library does not have that material, please complete the form here. The more complete the form is, the faster the request will be processed (including ISBN and price).
  • Complete a separate form for each request. Average delivery time for new materials varies from one week to two months.
  • For assistance or comments, please contact the library staff at

Infomation services

a. Retrieval, providing catalogue information service:

  • In addition to self-accessing to the library website for information, users can ask library staff to support searching, choosing and locating information, supplying publication information such as new materials catalogue and special subject of materials…
  • Procedures:
    • Contact Library staff in person or via email, telephone or register at the website of the library.
    • Make request: searching support, searching guidance or providing information
    • Request form to receive information: via email, printing paper, …
    • Depending on the complexity of the requested information, the  will make appointment for guiding or the due date providing information as well as reaching an agreement in related matters (printing charge…)

b. Current Awareness Service:

  • In addition to “New material announcement” on the notice board and on the Library’s website, Library will support individuals to update current information by announcing  you the list of new Library materials related to your interested fields timely, frequently and constantly via email.
  • Users: students, faculty and staff.
  • Procedures:
    • Contact librarians directly or indirectly or register at the library site.
    • Provide personal information, email address, interested fields.
    • The system will automatically notify users of updated information about registered fields.

User training

  • Users: students, faculty and staff.
  • Training sessions (for using the SGT Library website, e- Library HCC, Database, …) are scheduled for small groups of max 15 people. Most of them will take place in the Library Seminar Room on the 8th floor. Registration is required where indicated. If needed sessions will be repeated. You are advised to bring your laptop. 
  •  Forms of training:
    • Open training course for new students: training section will be open on the beginning of each semester to train users about the library rules, how to use the search engine on the library website as well as exploit information on other websites.
    • Open training for beginning AAS program students: guide on the exploitation of information databases, electronic library HCC.
    • One on one: For individuals who have not joined above sections, please contact the library staff to arrange time for being trained.
    • Self-reading the information on SGT website in the user guide section.
  •  Training documents:


  • Users: students, instructors and staff.
  • Regulation:
    • The printer is reserved for users in the Open stack.
    • Users yourself use the computer for printing.
    • This is a base fee charge service. The number of pages printed in the Library is deducted from your printing card (one square of printing card = one printed page). A printing card of 50 sheets costs 20.000 VND. No change is available at the Library desk.

Computer access in the library

  • Users: students, instructors and staff.
  •  Serving hours:
    • Mon to Sat: 7:00 am - 8:30 pm
    • Sun: 10:00 am – 17:00 pm
  • Using computers for studying, searching purposes only.
  • Do not use the computer to access depraved sites or play games, ...
  • Public access points: There are 30 access points in the Library, which are free for SaigonTech members.
  • Laptops: Wireless is in all working spaces. Users must registrator for the passwork at the Network department befor using. User must be responsible for your possessions. The Library declines all reponsibilty in cases of theft.
  • Execute instructions of Library staff and computer administrator.
  • For technical assistance, please contact the Network department at Room 709 or call 37155033. 1717.

Interlibrary loan

Your library account

User account allows you to review what you have checked out/ check in, renew item or check for the fines as well as seeing the expiry date of the loan account








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