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Career and corporate cool: how to look, dress, and act the part at every stage of your career

ISBN:  /978-0-470-12034-7
Author(s):  Rachel C. Weingarten
Subject(s):  Business etiquetteSelf-presentationClothing and dress
Page:  260
Size:  23
Publishing Info:  John Wiley & Sons, 2007
Call number:  650.1 W423/--07

Imagine if life came with a handbook to help get you through just about every potentially awkward, stressful, or over-the-top situation, with humor, grace, and dignity intact. Life doesn't come with a handbook—but now business does. In Career and Corporate Cool, style and marketing maven Rachel Weingarten defines and details the elements necessary to succeed and stand out in the modern work environment. It's filled with witty and user-friendly advice on building your personal brand equity in the business world while staying true to yourself. A hybrid of business and style, it's a cheat sheet for your professional life, with fun and helpful anecdotes from people who've been there.

While an off-color joke generally won't play in a cubicle environment, it can be a job requirement for a professional comedian. Fortune 500 companies tend to frown on perceived sexual harassment in the workplace while massage therapists touch naked strangers on a daily basis. Career and Corporate Cool helps you understand not only what's appropriate and acceptable in your own work environment, but how best to translate and incorporate your personal style into the accepted mix.

Proving that smart business and great style aren't mutually exclusive, Weingarten covers topics that help you define and refine crucial elements of your professional persona:

Communication Skills—from the basics to the personalized details that get you noticed

Networking—which contacts are worth pursuing, and how to initiate, create, and maintain relationships

Fashion, Beauty, and Grooming Advice—translate your day-to-day look to a polished style that best suits you

Quizzes and Worksheets—to help you evaluate your cool quotient

Business Etiquette—social rules and tools to ease you through every situation

Gender Differences in the Workplace—navigate the differences between male and female work styles

Advice from Experts—learn from their successes and failures

For most people, careers happen in the daytime while cool is for after hours. With common sense and a sharp sense of humor, Weingarten helps you add effortless cool to all elements of your work life. Career and Corporate Cool is a must-have reference manual for the desk set.



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