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ISBN:  /978-0-07-304902-1
Author(s):  Dhruv Grewal Michael Levy
Subject(s):  Marketing
Page:  536
Size:  26
Publishing Info:  McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2008
Call number:  658.8 G841/--08

  It is clear that marketing has changed significantly in the past few decades. So much so, that in 2004 and again in 2007, the American Marketing Association redefined the word 'marketing' itself. Grewal/Levy is the first Principles of Marketing text to be written from the ground up using the new definition and its value focus. In keeping with the value theme of the text, the authors met face to face with more than 150 instructors and walked through each chapter of the text and each supplement of the package in order to provide the most current, useful text and package on the market. Other themes that permeate throughout the text are: services, ethics, global marketing and the power of the internet. Because services marketing and ethics in marketing play such vital roles in marketing practice today, the authors have dedicated an entire chapter to each of these concepts. The authors provide adding value, superior service, ethical and societal dilemmas and the power of the internet examples throughout, and everywhere these themes fit. The authors have also been careful to integrate the 4Ps of marketing with the overriding value theme.

  Section One Assessing the Marketplace
Chapter 1 Overview of Marketing
Chapter 2 Developing Marketing Strategies and a Marketing Plan
Chapter 3 Marketing Ethics
Chapter 4 Analyzing the Marketing Environment

Section Two Understanding the Marketplace
Chapter 5 Consumer Behavior
Chapter 6 Business-to-Business Marketing
Chapter 7 Global Marketing

Section Three Targeting the Marketplace
Chapter 8 Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning
Chapter 9 Marketing Research and Information Systems

Section Four Value Creation
Chapter 10 Product, Branding, and Package Decisions
Chapter 11 Developing New Products
Chapter 12 Services: The Intangible Product

Section Five Value Capture
Chapter 13 Pricing Concepts for Establishing Value
Chapter 14 Strategic Pricing Methods

Section Six Value Delivery: Designing the Channel and Supply Chain
Chapter 15 Supply Chain Management
Chapter 16 Retailing and Multi-Channel Marketing

Section Seven Value Communication
Chapter 17 Integrated Marketing Communications
Chapter 18 Advertising and Sales Promotions
Chapter 19 Personal Selling and Sales Management

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